Job vacancy: Chargehand Forestry Climber

South Ayrshire has a vacancy for a Chargehand Forestry Climber.

The authority has responsibility for over a 100Ha of woodland together with the management of trees within housing stock which it requires to postitively manage and maintain. The work is varied and interesting.

The successful applicant will lead a small arboricultural team and we require the person to be qualifiedto a minimum standard of CS30, 31, 38 & 39. The applicant must be able to drive and operator tractors and relevant forestry machinery.
Additional qualifications which would be advantageous include CS40 and 41; first aid certificate, operation of wood chipper certificate.

For further information please contact Ian Gray on 01292 612208.

To apply please visit

Contact email

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01292 612208

Closing date

Friday 30th November 2018