FOREST machinery manufacturer FAE Group has expanded its offering with the launch of two new pieces of kit: the FAE SCL/HY stump cutter and the BL2/EX/VT mulcher.

The SCL/HY (Stump Cutter Light Hydraulic) has been designed for the accurate and targeted removal of individual stumps from forests, parks, roadsides and riverbanks, without damaging the surrounding land. According to FAE, its smaller size makes it very easy to manoeuvre and it is suitable for excavators weighing between 4 and 7.5 tonnes.

It features a piston motor (manually controlled variable displacement fitted with a 350-bar relief valve) and a flow-control system valve, allowing its use with various types of excavators featuring different oil flow rates.
It has a single belt transmission which enables the efficient management of operating loads, said to ensure that machine components last longer. The disc rotor, which is attached to the ultralight and reinforced frame by screwed-on forged hubs, features type-L fixed teeth with tungsten carbide inserts.

The SCL/HY allows stumps to be cut solely through the lateral movement of the head rather than through any difficult manoeuvring of the excavator. The hydraulically adjustable front hood with a diverter valve and the screw-on protection chains allow the controlled output of the processed material.

The front fixed thumb bracket integrated into the frame, which is useful for the movement of the processed material, makes milling work far easier. Finally, the interchangeable screw-on skids protect the frame and are easily replaceable. The SCL/HY is available with an optional kit of customised attachment bracket with pins or with pins and leg. An in-cab control box can be provided upon request for the displacement-control diverter valve, which is available in 12 and 24 V versions.

Forestry Journal:

The new BL2/EX/VT mulcher is designed for excavators from 8 to 14 tonnes and is available in two working widths – 100 cm and 125 cm. It is able to mulch logs up to 15 cm in diameter with impeccable results, according to FAE.

The rotor lies at the heart of this mulcher, and is equipped with a heat-treated forged steel tooth holder, for use with two different FAE teeth: the type E blade (reversible model) and the E/HD (heavy duty).

 Bite Limiter technology – special profiles in Hardox wear-resistant steel fitted near the teeth limit the depth of action of blades – is said to guarantee optimum power management and exceptional performance.

The BL2/EX/VT features a variable-torque hydraulic piston motor with automatic displacement that significantly improves mulcher performance, increasing torque when the motor is under strain and minimising rotor stalling conditions. It is also fitted with a flow-control valve that allows optimal adjustment of the mulcher on any type of excavator.

The BL2/EX/VT is described as being especially suitable for clearing and maintenance of forests and unworked areas, for creating fire breaks, and for any other type of forestry work.

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