FORESTRY machinery manufacturer Rottne Industri AB is entering its 65th year with record results, setting the stage for continued growth.

Never before in the history of the company have so many forestry machines been delivered as in 2019.

The Swedish company is reporting that all signs are positive. The blue forwarders and harvesters are growing in popularity and the company’s position as one of the four major players in the industry’s global market has been strengthened.

“We’ve succeeded with our strategy of focusing on what we do best,” said CEO Tobias Johansson. “Quality, innovations, serviceability and operator comfort have become synonymous with Rottne.

“Instead of just playing it safe, we’ve chosen an aggressive approach, and this has produced results – in three years’ time, we’ve grown by 50 per cent.”

After record sales in 2019, Rottne Industri AB is now setting its sights on new technological advances.

Johansson said: “We’re well-prepared to continue development and have targeted growth of another 50 per cent over the next five years.

“We will continue to strengthen our position as a global forestry machinery manufacturer and naturally do so without compromising on quality or losing focus on our customers.”

When the company’s founder Börje Karlsson built the first crane from a couple of plough components, a piece of timber, an electric winch, a length of cable and a pair of timber tongs, he laid the foundation for something big.

Johansson added: “One of the main reasons for our successes over the years is that everything we’ve done has been marked by solid quality. It’s what characterises Rottne.

“Experience, in combination with outstanding personnel and extensive knowledge of all aspects of the industry, is what has brought us to where we are today and we’re extremely proud of this.”

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