From chains to oils, files and even smart metering, your chainsaw needs maintenance and accessories to ensure it operates at the optimum level. In this focus feature, we’ve brought together some of the chainsaw accessories currently on the market, to help you ensure your machine is always at its best.


THE X-Cut C85 is a full chisel, high-performance 3/8” 1.5 mm chain available for full-time professional forestry saws.

The advanced chain is made entirely by Husqvarna and possesses outstanding durability and cutting efficiency. The X-Cut saw chain is pre-stretched which means users are able to work longer before the chain requires re-tensioning, reducing the need for maintenance and service. With the chain X-CUT C85, expect a sharpness that lasts longer before the need to file.

The X-Cut C85 is a low-vibration pixel saw chain that cuts a narrow kerf and requires less power from the saw than standard cutting systems, resulting in a lower cost to run. The chain is made to cut faster and smoother than comparable products, which means less feed force is needed from professionals, making the whole work experience easier and less damaging on bodies (RRP inc. VAT:  £23.49).

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ALONGSIDE its extensive range of forestry saws, Stihl offers a host of chainsaw accessories to ensure professionals are fully equipped to handle any task.

Forestry Journal: Stihl Connected.Stihl Connected.

Stihl Connected is a smart meter that, when combined with the Stihl app and web-based pro portal, provides a complete fleet-management tool. By logging the usage of products in the field, Stihl Connected gives professional users a detailed overview of a power tool’s status to better understand how much tools are being used, when they need servicing, and what jobs they are being used on and where.

Stihl Connected comprises three central system components; Stihl Smart Connector, Stihl app, and Stihl connect pro portal. When used in conjunction, Stihl Connected enables professional users to easily analyse key machinery performance data that can be used to not only improve daily work processes, but also help achieve optimum task scheduling for an even more efficient team.

Forestry Journal: Stihl 2-in-1 EasyFile.Stihl 2-in-1 EasyFile.

To assist with chain cutting efficiency, the 2-in-1 EasyFile is a practical tool for quickly sharpening the teeth and depth gauge in a single action, significantly reducing chain maintenance time. The sturdy frame allows for a smooth filing action with highly accurate results, and helps keep downtime to a minimum.

Forestry Journal: Stihl BioPlus chain and bar oil.Stihl BioPlus chain and bar oil.

When it comes to chain and bar lubricant, Stihl’s BioPlus has been developed in-house specifically to lubricate fast-running saw chains and has a remarkably low tendency to resinification for a vegetable-oil-based bio oil. The high-performance lubricant demonstrates its strengths in temperate and hot climate zones, being very environmentally friendly with no loss of lubrication or adhesion. In addition, it degrades completely in the soil quickly, making it ideally suited for forestry use. This property has won BioPlus the Blue Angel environmental award.

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