KESLA has launched two new harvester heads – the19RH-III and 21RH-III.

Due to their modular structure, the new 19RH-III and 21RH-III models can easily be optimised to work under extremely different conditions, with various types of timber and base machines, the manufacturer said.

The frame modules of the new models are machined in one piece after the welding assembly. The moving parts of the heads, such as feeding roller arms and delimbing knives, are made of cast steel.

The shafts and bearings of the roller arms, delimbing knives and tilt joints are said to be as sturdy as those in the competitors’ heads in larger size categories, to ensure superior mechanical strength.

In terms of their frame structure and hydraulics, the new models are largely based on the same designs as the sturdy 27RH–30RH-II models in Kesla’s range.

The Kesla19RH-III is a three-knife harvester head equipped with one rear delimbing knife, with weight starting from 680 kg. The short three-knife model is well-designed for handling crooked trees, and its slightly lower weight makes it suitable for base machines where the harvester head selection is weight-critical. The weight of the four-knife 21RH-III model, equipped with two rear delimbing knives, starts from 720 kg. The four-knife model works best for handling slightly sturdier timber. The total weight is, naturally, affected by the assembly. The maximum opening of feeding rollers in both models is 42 cm, and the maximum sawing diameter is 54 cm.

The harvester heads are suitable for first and later thinnings as well as harvesting of short-rotation eucalyptus and acacia plantations, with or without debarking.

Deliveries of the new models to clients will begin during the summer 2020.

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