A West Yorkshire arb company is reporting a number of green benefits since making the switch to Aspen Alkalyte Fuel across its entire range 12 months ago.

Halifax-based Green Valley Arborists’ (GVA) work on commercial vegetation clearance and landscaping projects, including some in environmentally-sensitive areas, requires director Luke Kendall to look at all elements of operations – from the safety of the firm’s operators to the environmental impact of its equipment.

“As the company grew and work for associations including the Environment Agency started coming our way, it became apparent that the benefits of Aspen Fuel aligned more and more with our approach,” explained Luke.

Described as being virtually free from sulphur, benzene and solvents, Aspen Alkylate Petrol is said to be 99 per cent cleaner than regular pump fuel when comparing the level of hazardous hydrocarbons. With these ingredients removed, the odour and ‘blue haze’ produced is minimal, which is intended to reduce the impact the machinery makes on both the operator and the environment.

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“Previously we would have to send one of our team to the petrol station to fill up a drum which is all time, labour and expense,” said Luke. “When you then factor in that it needs to be mixed with 2-stroke oil, and the hazards associated with that, the costs begin racking up. Being ready-mixed, Aspen 2 is quicker, easier and safer for our operators to use and gives us consistency in performance, helping our equipment to run more efficiently.”

Together with Aspen 2 in their smaller tools such as chainsaws and brushcutters, Luke and the team also use Aspen 4-stroke petrol in some larger equipment – eliminating the usage of pump fuel completely.

“We purchase Aspen by the pallet, in 5 L containers, which is delivered directly to our site where it can be safely stored, and its usage better monitored. When this runs low, we order more, and it will arrive in 48 hours which couldn’t be easier.”

The convenience and safety element is also said to extend the day-to-day usage for the operators.

Luke added: “Not having to mix the fuel reduces the risk of spillages, contamination or harmful exposure to the skin. The operator can open the container, pour the fuel using Aspen’s spill-free cap and put the lid back on. Once the can is empty, as these are made from the same type of plastic as regular milk cartons, they can simply and safely be recycled.”

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