MANUFACTURER Ponsse is to introduce firefighting equipment which can be installed in the load spaces of forwarders to extinguish wildfires.

Available for Ponsse’s Buffalo and Elephant forwarder models, the firefighting equipment is delivered to the fire location as a single package – and after it has been connected to forest machine hydraulics, the equipment is ready to operate.

The 10 m³ water tank of the firefighting equipment can be filled with its own pump from a natural water source or the tank of a fire truck. The water cannon has a range of 47 metres and a turning radius of 360 degrees. The minimum loader requirement for the equipment is Ponsse K90+.

The system is described by Ponsse as being carefully thought-out and economical, with the forwarder able to be engaged in productive forest operations when the firefighting equipment is not needed.

The water tank is said to withstand the use of various chemicals mixed with water, as well as sea water. It is also light enough to be lifted into the machine load space.

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The pump can fill the water tank from a natural water source or the tank of a fire truck, and the water spray direction (vertical and horizontal), as well as the spray pattern, can be adjusted by a wireless remote controller.

“Forest machine is the most natural and effective way to access a forest fire area. Operations in difficult terrain come as second nature to them, and they have more than enough capacity in their hydraulic system for demanding conditions,” said Juha Haverinen, Ponsse´s product manager of forwarders.

“When the rescue authorities asked us if we were willing to develop this product together, we were ready right from the beginning, because rescue professionals and our customers had a clear demand for firefighting equipment.”

Ponsse added that planning firefighting activities is the responsibility of the local fire department, and a properly trained rescue employee is responsible for the safety of firefighting. Rescue personnel operate the firefighting equipment and guide the forest machine operator’s actions when putting out fires.

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