FOREST machinery manufacturer Waratah has launched the H424 harvesting head for mid-sized wheeled and tracked machines.

The H424 comes with a range of features intended to enhance efficiency. One such feature is a PEVO valve, which is said to provide increased hydraulic flow and head control, resulting in higher productivity with less fuel and improved hydraulic efficiency.

For operations in slopes and mountain areas as well as improved trunk following, the H424 provides an improved backwards tilt range. The optional heavy-duty tilt frame provides added durability for tracked machine applications, while enhanced processing arms have an extra offset for simplifying picking from bunch piles and the ground.

As a mid-sized harvester head, the H424 aptly handles later thinnings and final fellings in addition to early regeneration cuttings, says Waratah. The new head can also handle crooked wood and hardwood with its slip-free four-wheel-drive feeding.

One of the main features of the H424 is the new SuperCut 100S saw unit, which provides automatic chain lubrication and tensioning for improved performance and increased uptime. The H424 has a cutting capacity of 620 mm, while increased saw motor selection, compatibility with wide tail saw bars and a new chain release mechanism are said to help ease saw chain changes.

The H424 also handles processing and debarking. Its four moving delimbing knives along with one fixed top knife and one fixed back knife follow contours of the stem. Knife geometry and long cutting edges also help ensure excellent delimbing quality for a variety of stem diameters while the rear knife has improved colour marking application for identification of assortments.

Weighing in at 1,105 kg, the head’s sturdy mainframe provides high durability with a reinforced saw box.

Other features, such as new functionality in arm design, are intended to keep measuring arms sturdy and durable. The feed roller arms feature durable bearings, built-in feed roller guards, and strengthened cylinders and pins.

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“The versatile H424 harvester head is equipped to make jobs more efficient and productive,” said Brent Fisher, product marketing manager for Waratah. “A combination of features including a PerformanceEvo (PEVO) valve, Supercut 100S saw unit and highly durable mainframe make it great for amplified productivity and durability.

“Efficiency is great, but our customers also need durable machines that are going to work consistently. The H424 is that harvesting head. It’s a reliable and consistent workhorse.”

Waratah also recently launched a new online parts catalogue. The catalogue is searchable by model with PIN/serial number or equipment name, or by a full or partial part number. From there, parts are divided into logical categories (e.g. mechanical, hydraulics and saw).

Each part is displayed with its part number, component description and an image or schematic. Once the correct part is identified, purchasing is completed by selecting the quantity and adding it to an online cart for sending to the customer’s respective dealer. 

Customers can directly email the parts list to their dealer or parts person and have the option to print their order page for verification or reference.

“Our new online catalogue is a great way to ensure our customers quickly get the parts they need,” said Fisher. “This easily accessible and comprehensive tool is pretty powerful. Customers can locate parts and send the info directly to their dealer. This efficiency will go a long way toward getting the right parts, reducing delays and increasing uptime, which helps our customers’ bottom line.” 

Waratah's new parts catalogue can be accessed here.

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