A new display and measuring system for Hypro tractor processors is available in the UK and Ireland through Oakleaf Forestry.

The Hypro MD430 features a 4.3” LCD screen which shows all information clearly, both in the tractor cabin and outside in the direct sunlight, with a 140° optimal viewing angle. The display also has the option to change between several different languages.

For processors with diameter measurements, 15 different tree-assortment options are available, including spruce, pine, hardwood, diverse 1 and diverse 2, as well as the optional selections ‘pulp’ and ‘small timber’ on each of the five tree species. This provides the most detailed log data and volume presentation ever seen on a Hypro.

For Hypro 755 models, the new Hypro+1 Can-bus operating system combines with the MD430 DA display to give operators a boost in production and efficiency. There are three modes for feeding control, including Manual, which gives complete control to the operator, and Length Auto, which has four different options of pre-set lengths for the operator to choose from.

The third option is the big difference in the new system. Diameter Auto mode follows an adjustable measurement table and decides which length to cut depending on the diameter of the log. For example, operators can set ‘Spruce Timber’ to be cut to 4.9 m if the log is between 17 and 50 cm. If they then set ‘Spruce – Small timber’ between 12 and 16 cm to be cut at 4.3 m and ‘Spruce – Pulp’ 0–11 cm to be cut at 3 m, then the MD430 DA display will make the decision to measure and cut according to the pre-set table. The machine will feed past the pre-set length, then back up, cut and start to feed again automatically.

Joe Litter, MD of Oakleaf Forestry, said: “This system will increase productivity, greatly reduce wrong tree assortment selections by the operator and, at the same time, give the operators stress relief in their work. The same measurement table will also organise the saving of the log data’s volume presentation accordingly.”

The new Hypro +1 joysticks have five buttons as well as a toggle switch directly on the joystick lever, making it possible to switch between tree assortment selections and pre-set lengths, and to switch between processor/crane without releasing the joystick levers with your hands. The joystick box is now also smaller, making mounting in the cabin much easier in modern tractors.


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