Orrell Group Machinery and Spectrum Plant have unveiled a new piece of kit to make transport of equipment easier for arborists.

HOOKLIFT trailer specialist Orrell Group Machinery, based in Lancashire, and arboricultural machinery dealer Spectrum Plant have joined forces to develop a new chipper carrier body for its range of hooklift trailers.

The idea first came about when noticing a demand for smaller projects, requiring a lot of kit on a job, with the need to still remove the chip and logs.

Forestry Journal:

The design consists of a 6 m body, including a 15 m³ chip box which carries approximately 6 tonnes, as well as a 3 m platform suitable for machinery and/or log storage. The carrier bodies can also be built with extra stillages for timber storage, or with fork slots for easy loading and unloading of logs, making it suitable for many projects.

If you have maintenance of sites where there is a lot of remedial work, these are described as ideal for a one-stop delivery of all your machines, still leaving you with the ability to bring around 12 tonnes of material and machinery back at the end of the day.

Forestry Journal:

Spectrum Plant, based in Warrington, supplied the Timberwolf 230 VTR chipper and the WorkyQuad SSQ22 loader to position on the hooklift body during testing.

Orrell Group Machinery company director David Orrell said: “All of our projects are bespoke to the user. We can also make high-volume chip boxes for the hardcore bulk work if needed. Every idea is designed for a particular use and this ticks all the boxes for those.

“This proves our point about how the hooklift trailers can be of benefit to so many work sectors, as well as our ability to create bespoke bodies.”

Orrell Group also has its own range of agri-lift hooklift trailers, designed to CHEM standard, matching the UK specifications rather than the European standards, and built on high-speed axles.

Forestry Journal:

“We allow these trailers to be built up to the user’s specification as everyone’s needs and uses are different,” said David. “We give our customers a standard trailer price and then we can work together on building a trailer that is fit for purpose and to suit their budget.

“All our trailers are built with full user safety in mind, reducing the possibility of user error, meaning you don’t waste precious time waiting for repairs. Hooklift trailers can significantly reduce your costs by eliminating the need for additional trailers that may only be used for short periods of time throughout the year. By using a range of bodies for different jobs, but only one running gear, trailer and driver, you can save money, time, labour and fuel.

Forestry Journal:

“The beauty of our company is that we will work with you to create the ideal solution to complement your Hooklift, and to suit your work and line of business. Because at Orrell Group Machinery, your vision is our passion.”


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