PRACTICALITY Brown has become the first company in the UK to purchase and operate a Prinoth Raptor 500 tracked mulcher.

The Raptor 500 supersedes its well-regarded AHWI RT400 mulchers, which have operated for the past 20 years.

With its high efficiency and low fuel consumption, the Raptor 500 is extremely effective at processing large stumps, standing vegetation and windrowed unsalable timber. It is highly productive, while still retaining compact dimensions.

Forestry Journal:

Alastair Beddall, managing director at Practicality Brown, said: “Using our pioneering spirit of 35 years of industry-leading innovation, we make sure we are up to date to date with the latest developments. We have often imported many ‘firsts’ into the UK, such as Erjo and Junkari whole-tree chippers and a Rayco stump grinder in the ’80s, Dymax Tree Shears in 2005, AHWI (now Prinoth) RT350 tracked mulchers in 1999, and now this Prinoth Raptor tracked mulcher.

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“While we were pleased with our previous tracked mulchers, we were looking for a replacement to meet the latest emission and environmental compliance requirements of the construction and environmental sectors.”

The Prinoth Raptor is a low-ground-pressure (5.6 psi) high-power mulcher (440 hp) with a Stage 5 low-emission, low-fuel-consumption engine, and a highly efficient rotor design.

This latest addition to the fleet will be available for construction and environmentally sensitive works requiring high compliance.

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