BOBCAT has launched its new L23 and L28 small articulated loaders (SALs), described as offering high lift capacities in confined spaces and low ground disturbance for working on any terrain.

The machines’ compact size, with a width of just over one metre combined with a tight turning radius, allow Bobcat SALs to work easily even in tricky and hard to reach areas.

Specifically designed not to damage surfaces, Bobcat SALs are said to achieve very minimal ground disturbance not only through the use of an articulated joint, which enables the rear tyres to match the front tyre path when turning, but also the turf-safe mode that limits wheel slippage.

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This means Bobcat SALs are ideal for those landscaping projects where space is minimal and ground care is needed, the manufacturer said.

Forestry Journal:

Depending on the operating conditions, Bobcat SALs automatically enable one of two traction modes: high-traction mode for control over rough and slippery terrain or turf-safe mode for the least possible ground disturbance.

In the high-traction mode, when the steering wheel is not turning, improved traction provides excellent control and mobility over rough or slippery terrain. In addition, an optional traction assist, similar to a differential lock, enables the operator to momentarily override the automatic modes to travel through adverse conditions at the touch of a switch.

John Chattaway, loaders product manager at Bobcat, said: “SALs pack a serious punch in a compact, lightweight package that’s wonderfully easy to operate, making them a powerful and handy multi-purpose tool for a wide range of applications.”

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