MANUFACTURER Kesla has launched its newest generation of Z-cranes, which it is calling 'the most efficient and durable on the market'.

Available in the 12-, 14- and 17-tonne-metre classes, the design of the new 22-series sets out to increase speed and usability. To achieve this, Kesla has chosen to use an electric valve with a higher throughput volume than what it previously used. The lines to the transfer and extension cylinders have been enlarged, enabling higher crane motion speeds and improved manoeuvrability.

The valve is controlled by Kesla’s electric proC control system, available in a variety of control options ranging from mini joysticks to a 4-lever and 2-pedal option. New valves are also available for mechanical control.

“We have designed the most efficient and durable Z-crane on the market,” said Ari Pirhonen, business director at Kesla.

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The transfer boom of the new Z-cranes is almost completely redesigned. The need for change was partly due to practical reasons: larger lines require more space. The new structure includes, for example, a modified extension cylinder design, different size casings and larger pins. Despite an increase of up to 30 cm in the outreach, the changes have been implemented with hardly any increase in weight, Kesla said.

Like the previous 21-series, the KESLA 22-series’ Z-cranes feature internal hoses both in the first and outer booms.

“Besides the protection, our customers have also appreciated the ease of hose replacement,” added Pirhonen.

The new cranes utilise separate stabiliser legs, with a 4.5 m wide stabiliser leg option also available. The stabiliser legs come with several optional cylinder stroke lengths and turning angles.

The Kesla 22-series Z-cranes can be equipped with a basic Vision Standard cabin, a well-equipped Vision cabin or a spacious Vision XL cabin. The crane can also be fitted with top seat equipment and electrical control.

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