JOHN Deere has launched the new H415HD harvester head, available for 1270G and 1470G harvesters.

The L-size-class head was designed on the basis of customer feedback, with demanding logging in mind. The H415HD has a maximum cut diameter of 750 mm, a feed force of 25–42 kN and a maximum feed speed of 2.9–7.0 m/s.

It has a reinforced tilt frame, metal protectors for the lower feed motor and feed motor hose guards, as well as expander pins for the feed motor arms, lower delimbing knives’ axles and for the upper pins of the tilt cylinders.

The harvester head’s new, 30 mm lower saw box and the new shape of the fixed lower delimbing knife enables felling cuts closer to the ground, which the manufacturer says makes processing of curved and big stems more efficient.

Its four-roller feed, processing power, firm grip, and efficient delimbing are said to ensure high productivity, while the efficient saw and highly advanced saw automation reduce sawing mistakes.