LOGOSOL is promoting its recently launched portable sawmill, the F2+ – a bulked-up version of the popular F2 chain sawmill.

With the new F2+ the ability of sawing large-diameter logs increases, from 50 cm to fully 70 cm.

The log lifters of the sawmill are 50 per cent stronger and have a sturdier design, which allows heavier weights and rougher handling. With the more robust design for larger logs, Logosol can now offer a sawmill that it describes as the perfect alternative for a customer who is considering buying a bandsaw mill but has a limited budget. The F2+ is a heavy-duty chainsaw mill of incredibly high quality at a low price.

The model is said to be very suitable for stationary set-up. Wider lifting beams and longer log beds give room for large-diameter logs. In addition, the sawmill can easily be extended to any length.

“We have customers in over 60 countries, and they cut all possible kinds of wood. By being responsive to our customers, we can develop products they want and need. The new sawmill comprises all knowledge and experience we have from the earlier models of Logosol’s chain-saw mills, and this is the most robust and strong chainsaw mill we have ever produced,” said Robert Berglund, product manager of chainsaw mills at Logosol.