Clark Engineering’s latest track tensioner, the Side-Winder, has been praised by service engineer Chris McKnight for its ease of use and longevity.

Manufactured from high-strength alloy steel, the new Side-Winder incorporates a replaceable large-diameter tension screw with a 41 mm AF drive nut and, with its offset fork legs, the new tensioner will fit most tracks on the market.

Forestry Journal:

The Side-Winder engages with the track links which means it can be positioned on the outside or inside of the tracks, a very useful feature for when fitting front tracks working under the forest machine cab. The Side-Winder incorporates two safety clips on the fork legs and opens up to over 850 mm to straddle up to four track plates.

Chris McKnight, service engineer from Timbertech Harvesting, has tested a Side-Winder extensively. Chris reviewed the Side-Winder by saying: “I’ve had this tensioner for about a year now and I’m very happy with it. I’ve done 267 sets of tracks with this particular tensioner and I’ve only ever replaced the thread once. The good thing about these tensioners is that the thread is easily changed. I’m very, very happy with these tensioners.”