GREATER Manchester-based fuel supplier Crown Oil has released a new brochure highlighting the benefits of its hydrotreated vegetable oil (HVO) over regular diesel and FAME biodiesel.

HVO Is FAME-free and so not at risk of microbial contamination (diesel bug), Crown Oil explained. It is said to remain mobile and filterable to temperatures of -32°C, so while diesel and biodiesel create problems at low temperatures, HVO can continue to be used.

HVO has net CO² reductions of up to 90 per cent as it is made of renewable feedstock.

The 16-page brochure includes an in-depth insight into its environmental and performance features and serves as an accompaniment to the fuel supplier’s existing FAQ page.

“We’re excited to share the brochure with stakeholders across all industries. Between HVO’s reduced greenhouse gas emissions, wide range of OEM approvals and significantly longer shelf life than mineral diesel, it’s clear that the fuel offers the best operational and environmental performance,” said Mark Andrews, director, Crown Oil.

“Whether you’re a farmer experiencing filter issues, a data centre manager concerned about the risk of contamination or an event organiser needing fuel for portable generators, HVO solves all of these issues.”

The free brochure is available online at