A new addition to the tractor-mounted mulcher range supplied throughout the UK and Ireland by Spaldings is said to produce a fine and firm tilth ready for woodland replanting or sowing of other crops.

The TMC Cancela MPK-225 has a working width of 2.25 m (a 2.5 m version is also available), operates on the rear three-point linkage of a 220–300 hp tractor, and has 58 rigidly mounted hammers arranged in a helix pattern.

Each hammer has a single carbide tip that shreds residue against six rows of replaceable counter knives and incorporates the resulting mulched material into finely tilled topsoil.

Forestry Journal:

Unlike other machines in the extensive range of mulchers from TMC Cancela, the MPK has a two-speed gearbox, providing a slower rotor speed for shredding and incorporation, and a faster speed for grinding stumps up to 450 mm diameter.

Another feature unique to this model is a steel finishing roller equipped with six serrated traction rings and mounted on hydraulic cylinders to regulate the working depth and lift the roller out of work when not required.

Forestry Journal:

Hefin Evans, forestry equipment sales specialist at Spaldings, explained how this machine came about: “We had a potential customer who was impressed with the structure and engineering quality of TMC Cancela’s mulchers but who had particular requirements for the land regeneration contract work he carries out.

“It’s a measure of TMC Cancela’s willingness to respond to different requirements that, after discussions with the company’s engineers, a prototype was built and extensively tested.”