FORESTRY and sawmilling business James Jones and Sons has launched a new I-Joist production line which it says is the largest, fastest and most efficient in Europe.

The investment of £8.5m will not only significantly increase the production capacity to 20 million linear metres a year, but will allow faster production times. This increased production speed will ensure increased stock levels and better service for distributors and end users. In-line innovations include a tension tester and precision end-trim saws, which will help reduce on-site waste and maximise floor and roof design optimisation by cutting to specified lengths suited to off-site manufacturing.

Angus Macfarlane, general manager of James Jones and Sons’ Timber Systems Division, said: “House builders are under some pressure to meet the government’s new home build figures. We believe our investment in the new facility comes at a vital time and will enable us to support the UK’s construction industry to meet these targets.”