SOCIAL enterprise Treeconomics and tree care and consulting company Pius Floris Boomverzorging have signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) to work collaboratively on urban forest and green infrastructure projects across the UK, the Netherlands and Belgium.

Treeconomics works with communities and other stakeholders to measure and highlight the benefits of trees and their contribution to the environment, as well as to human health and well-being. The company has completed over 100 i-Tree and valuation projects in the UK and Europe.

Pius Floris Boomverzorging offers residential, commercial, and municipal tree services in the Netherlands and Belgium.

Both companies share a common vision to improve urban forest management in cities, and have developed specialisms and areas of expertise which, under the MOU, can now be drawn upon from both sides. This collaboration will enable both companies to expand the suite of services they are able to offer.

Keith Sacre, urban forest and arboricultural director at Barcham Trees and co-founder of Treeconomics, commented: “This is an exciting first step! Treeconomics looks forward to working with Pius Floris, sharing our expertise, and offering a wider portfolio of services to our clients than has previously been possible.”

Jan Willem de Groot, franchise manager at Pius Floris Boomverzorging, supported this view, adding: “At Pius Floris, we completed our first i-Tree study in the Netherlands in 2019. Collaborating with Treeconomics and being able to utilise their experience in the field will significantly increase the range and quality of services we can offer our clients.”

The two companies have worked together on individual projects in the past and are also partnering up to host the third European i-Tree Conference in Amsterdam later this year