A survey to support an independent review of the National Forest Inventory (NFI) has been launched.

The survey calls on landowners, forestry and woodland professionals, and others with an interest to contribute their views on what information the future NFI produces.

The independent review, commissioned by Forest Research, is being undertaken by a board of four experts from the public and private forestry sector.

Established in 2009, the NFI was mandated and implemented to produce an enduring evidence base of woodlands across Great Britain which could meet both current and future reporting requirements. The review will inform the planning and reporting schedule of future NFIs.

Professor James Pendlebury, chief executive of Forest Research, said: “I am pleased the review board have launched the survey. Evidence from the NFI has underpinned many recent woodland policy and forest sector decisions across Great Britain. 

“We must ensure that future NFIs continue to produce both high quality and relevant information on trees, woods and forests.

“This timely review comes at a time when technological advances offer new opportunities, and increased interest from both the public and governments in woodland data has never been higher.”

The survey is available on the Forest Research website and is available until 17 July. The final report is due at the beginning of 2021.

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