NORTHUMBRIA Police have teamed up with Forestry England to tackle rural anti-social behaviour and illegal camping in Northumberland.

Due to ongoing disorder and damage, Forestry England has temporarily closed wild camping at the four remote backpacking sites for the remainder of this year to ensure the protection of both land and wildlife.

However, camping at established sites such as the Kielder Campsite is still allowed.

Northumbria Police are still receiving reports detailing a small minority of people ignoring restrictions and not only camping illegally but also damaging the surrounding area and leaving trails of litter and waste.

These also follow similar incidents where anti-social behaviour has been reported to police including excessive and underage drinking in rural communities and off-road motorbike disorder.

A spokesperson from Northumbria Police said: "We have been working alongside Forestry England to tackle ongoing issues around anti-social behaviour.

“We are committed to working with our partners to clampdown on this kind of activity so we can preserve the local environment and continue to make it enjoyable for all."

This story first appeared in the Northern Echo.

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