CONSUMER recognition of the FSC tick-tree logo – which indicates products certified under the FSC system – has increased, according to a new survey.

FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) UK's annual consumer awareness study interviewed 1,281 UK adults and revealed that 67 per cent of participants recognise the FSC logo or recall seeing it. Of this percentage, 33 per cent know or roughly know what it means.

79 per cent of UK consumers say it is either very or fairly important for the product they buy to be responsibly sourced. 28 per cent saying it is very important.

75 per cent of UK consumers say it is either very or fairly important for the packaging of the products they buy to be responsibly sourced. 26% say it is very important.

82 per cent of UK consumers say they are either very or fairly likely to buy a product bearing the FSC logo as opposed to one without.

This year's survey was carried out online, rather than face-to-face, due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

A statement from FSC read: "We were delighted to receive this positive response, which is an improvement on the results of our previous survey, which revealed that 55% of people in the UK recognise the FSC logo.

"However, it is important to highlight that comparing the results of online surveys to the results of face-to-face ones can give a skewed picture. For example, online surveys exclude people without internet access, who we know from previous surveys are more likely to have seen the FSC logo before. However, they also allow participants to remain anonymous, potentially making them more confident to answer honestly."

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