PITLOCHRY-based forestry fencing contractor Robertson Fencing has relaunched as Taiga Upland, with a new £300,000 base and expanded services portfolio.

The firm, established in 2007, originally specialised in providing modern fencing techniques and installation, but has since expanded into ground preparation.

Going forward, Taiga Upland, which currently employs 25 staff, will offer a combination of services for upland agri-forestry projects including ground preparation, fencing and infrastructure and groundworks.

The company’s new premises in Donavourd, Pitlochry, will serve as a central logistical base for customers across Scotland, with increased capacity for material storage and sales.

“Our rebirth as Taiga Upland is such an exciting milestone for our company as we expand, and constantly evolve, our portfolio of services to meet growing client need and demand,” said Rab Robertson, managing director.

“We are now offering customers a much extended range of services to suit their requirements and with the opening of our new base in Pitlochry, we’ve made some real investment into the local economy and are fully expecting to take on new staff as we grow.”

Taiga Upland took inspiration from its natural surroundings for its new name. ‘Taiga’ is a northern forest biome, also known as Boreal forest. The company has its roots in Scottish forestry, originating from Rannoch, which has one of the few remaining areas of Taiga or Boreal forest in Scotland. ‘Upland’ refers to the areas in which the company operates, in the remote hills and mountains of Highland Perthshire.

Rab added: “As Scotland moves out of lockdown restrictions further, we are delighted to be the bearers of good news for Pitlochry, and for Highland Perthshire, amongst all the economic uncertainty that our country is facing now. Forestry is high up on the Scottish Government’s agenda, with last year’s launch of Scotland’s Forestry Strategy 2019–2029, so we have every reason to look to the future with optimism. We are excited to be involved in the effort to meet Scotland’s ambitious afforestation targets.”

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