LANDSCAPING supplier Green-Tech has announced the launch of a new product designed to deliver water to a tree's root system. 

The Tree Irrigator is a slow-release watering bag for trees with a diameter of between 3 cm and 20 cm. It works by delivering water to the root system which then reduces the effects of dehydration or transplant shock.

The Tree Irrigator bag is described as an incredibly simple, yet clever concept. It zips around the tree trunk and the bag is filled with water. For trees with a wider girth diameter (10 cm plus), users zip two bags together in what is known as a double bag setup. A single Tree Irrigator bag holds approximately 60 litres of water which is gradually released over five to nine hours.

Richard Gill, Green-tech’s sales director, commented: “We are really excited by this product. It’s incredibly simple, easy to install and inexpensive. What is different to other irrigation systems is that this can be installed ‘after’ the tree has been planted. It can also be removed and then reused on other trees. Our other irrigation systems are all for use underground so, I’m pleased to be able to offer our customers an alternative option.”

The Tree Irrigator saves time, water, effort and trees! It is expected to prove popular and is ideal for new trees planted in either shade or in an urban environment. Installation and fill take just minutes with no tools required. The system is designed to promote deep root growth with deep water saturation every fill.

Richard added: “This type of tree irrigation technology is widely used overseas so I’m delighted to be able to include it in our product portfolio as an option for landscape gardeners, contractors and foresters. It is perfect for newly planted or established trees which are up to 20cm in diameter.

“Its non-invasive design will not harm the existing landscape. I can see it being a popular alternative for some of our customers.”

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