TREE protection solutions provider Tubex has launched a new initiative for the responsible and sustainable disposal of its tree shelters.

Now available to all Tubex users, the Tubex Collection & Recycling Programme, developed by Tubex in collaboration with key distributors, aims to offer a simple process for the safe and efficient recycling of the brand's tree shelters.

Under the scheme, when purchasing Tubex tree shelters, users can request to join the programme. At the same time, they will be able to order bulk sacks for storing the shelters once removed, ready for them to be collected and transferred by the company to be recycled at one of Berry Group's recycling facilities.

Once at the facility, the tree shelters will be washed and recycled into Polypropylene (PP) pellets. The material will be re-used by Berry Global to manufacture new tree shelters or in other businesses within the Group.

The launch of this programme is an important milestone towards Tubex’s sustainability objectives. The company’s standard tree shelters are currently manufactured using recycled polymer, and Tubex’s netting range is produced with 85 per cent recycled polymer.

Rhauan Young, sales manager at Tubex, said: “While Tubex tree shelters offer innumerable benefits, from enhanced tree growth and protection against both environmental and human factors, one of the main challenges remains the disposal of plastic tree shelters.

“With the creation of the Tubex Collection & Recycling Programme, we hope to be able to offer a simple and efficient solution to the waste issue, providing an effective scheme to ensure the responsible disposal of our products is available to everyone, in turn creating a more circular economy for materials. Each run will result in 24,000 kilograms of material being recycled, which is equivalent to nearly 200,000 Tubex tubes.

“As a brand, we plan to not only continue enhancing and improving our products but to offer services that meet the requirements of our distributors, their customers and society as a whole.”

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