NEARLY half of Scotland’s land area should dedicated to trees, woodland and forest, according to a new report.

Former Green MSP Andy Wightman commissioned the 73-page report Woodland Nation: Pathways to a forested Scotland owned by the people from the Forest Policy Group.

It puts forward the vision of Scotland as a ‘woodland nation’, which would see 40 per cent of its land designated as woodland, 60 per cent of which should be native.

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“This report is not just about forestry, although it looks at the structure of Scottish forestry and the financial environment that supports it. And it is not about reinforcing binaries or encouraging further polarised debates. It is not about a sanitised and depopulated wilderness. It is not about commercial plantations owned by monolithic organisations,” said Andy Wightman.

“Scotland has an opportunity to remake itself as a Woodland Nation where trees cover a far greater proportion of the land and where people are directly involved in, and benefit from, the management and ownership of those trees. Where forestry is recognised as a pivotal player in the Scottish economy. And where our connection with trees is finally restored.”

The report can be read in full here.

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