DURING this time of increased political, social and economic focus on the importance of trees, the role of professionals in managing our forests and woodlands has never been more prominent or under scrutiny. It’s critical that the ‘right tree, right place’ approach is understood and applied to a high standard across the sector.

The Institute of Chartered Forester’s National Conference 2021 will focus on ensuring foresters are equipped to deliver on UK-wide tree planting aspirations currently proposed by the government. Meeting these aspirations requires expertise across all areas of the science and art of forestry and a thorough understanding of the fundamentals, including the site selection, soils, species choice and silvicultural practices that underpin the successful creation and management of our woodlands.

National Conference 2021 will take place on 30 September, 2021 as a one-day online event, focussing on how these challenges have been met overseas. Delegates will hear from international forestry experts, researchers and practitioners – we’ll look at what’s currently being done well, what could be done better and how professional foresters can adapt their skillsets to prepare for the future demands of our sector.

Our forests and woodlands are increasingly being relied upon to deliver against a wide range of objectives, including climate change mitigation, wood products, biodiversity, recreational use and public health benefits. What are the future needs for the woodlands we’re planting today and how does that affect our decisions? Join us at our National Conference 2021 as we prepare to meet these challenges.

Forestry Journal:

Session One: Adaptation needs and options for forest and forestry in Germany

Professor Jürgen Bauhus – Professor of Silviculture at the Faculty of Environment and Natural Resources, Freiburg University, Germany

Session Two: Progress with climate smart demonstration sites in the Netherlands

Professor Gert-Jan Nabuurs – European Forest Resources, Wageningen University and Research

Session 3: What does the REINFORCE project teach us about managing existing and planting new forests in the UK?

Christophe Orazio – Director, European Institute of Cultivated Forests

Forestry Journal:

Session 4: Climate adaptation and carbon management in forestry in the US

Dr Chris Swanston – Acting Director for the Office of Sustainability and Climate, United States Forest Service

Session 5: Adaptive silviculture for climate change in the US

Professor Linda Nagel – Professor of Silviculture and Department Head of the Forest and Rangeland Stewardship Department, Colorado State University, Fort Collins, Colorado, USA

Session 6: Tree roots: insights into out-of-sight aspects

Dr Kasten Dumroese – Senior Research Plant Physiologist and National Nursery Specialist, US Department of Agriculture Forest Service

Session 7: Forest management strategies to deliver climate and bio economy policies

Professor Peter Freer-Smith – Dept. of Plant Sciences, University of California, Davis


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