KOMATSU has introduced the next generation of Komatsu Comfort Ride, with several comfort-enhancing innovations to improve the working environment for forwarder operators.

The forwarder option was first launched back in 2013, providing a hydraulic cab suspension system with a four-point design that efficiently dampens jolts and vibrations.

One new feature in its latest incarnation is the ability to adjust the cab suspension’s lateral firmness. This function is geared to the machine’s speed to make driving as comfortable as possible regardless of whether the operator is inching over an off-road obstacle or driving unladen from the landing to the next wood pile. In practical terms, the suspension’s firmness is progressive, increasing with machine speed to ensure maximum comfort.

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Daniel Grabbe, product manager for forwarders at Komatsu, said: “Since operator preferences regarding optimal cab suspension in various situations differ, individual adjustments can be made for each operator and settings are automatically saved in MaxiXT.”

The new Comfort Ride can level the cab laterally on gradients of up to six degrees, provided the machine is stationary or moving slowly. This provides operators with a more comfortable working posture during crane operation. When the machine is moving at higher speeds, the longitudinal suspension is given priority to better handle rough terrain.

Comfort Ride has long had an unloading mode that raises the cab the full stroke of the cylinders to provide a clear view of the load area. This function has been updated to work when the machine is moved at low speed, allowing the operator to reposition the machine at the landing while still retaining the elevated position. If, however, the speed increases, the cab is automatically lowered back down to its standard position.

Grabbe added: “Komatsu Comfort Ride quite simply offers forwarder operators a work environment that is physically more forgiving, while the reduction in jolts and vibrations enables them to retain their focus and energy levels for longer.”