SWEDISH Forestry Expo, a new fair for commercial, large-scale forestry, was supposed to be held on the 28-30 April 2022.

However, as a result of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the decision has been made to postpone the fair until 1-3 June, 2023. Event organisers said they wanted to provide the best conditions for a safe and large-scale event, for both exhibitors and visitors from all around the world.

Just five months after the launch of SFE, large parts of the fair were sold out. Today the event is fully booked with several companies queuing to get space. The exhibiting companies come from all over the world, offering a variety of products for large-scale forestry.

Exhibition manager Gabriel Börjesson said: "There has been enormous interest in the fair, both national and international. The fair is sold out and we receive daily inquiries from exhibitors and visitors from all around the world. They have questions about the fair, but also about the ongoing pandemic that makes visitors hesitant of travelling to Sweden."

The fair has its foundation in the concept of 'by the trade – for the trade'. Organiser ML (the Swedish trade association for suppliers of mobile machines) includes John Deere, Komatsu, Ponsse and Rottne among its members.

Börjesson added: "We have always based our decisions around the needs of the trade. Because of the great interest from overseas, we must take into consideration our many international exhibitors that today have difficulties exhibiting and that visitors still have travel restrictions.

"These restrictions may well be reversed by April 2022, but this is nothing we can be sure of. These uncertainties does not allow us to deliver an arrangement which the entire trade can take part in. We choose to put the trade’s needs before ours and deliver a fair for the large-scale forestry in a safe environment for all our visitors and exhibitors.

"Therefore, we have come to the decision to redate the fair to 2023, giving us significantly better possibilities for this."

Visit www.forestryexpo.se/en for more.