KESLA is introducing a quick change of the truck crane control method – Kesla Quick – allowing up to four different control methods to be used in one crane.

The quick change of the control method is available for Kesla’s own Kesla proC truck crane control system, which is the most popular control system in the company’s cranes.

With the help of Kesla Quick, a crane equipped with the Kesla proC control system can now smoothly make use of two to four different control types. In addition to the mini and maxi joysticks, the maxi joystick + pedals combination and the 4 levers + pedals combination are possible.

Forestry Journal:

If there is no need for all four control types, the customer can choose what they need, for example just the mini joysticks and maxi joysticks. In the proC control system, there can be up to five user profiles, containing the control type and individual adjustments, on one crane.

It takes only a few minutes to change the control type and requires no tools. In practice, this means detaching and attaching the joysticks with quick couplers and selecting the right operator profile.

If a control type requires the use of pedals, they will remain in place at all times and be deactivated as necessary.

Kesla has invested heavily in operator comfort in recent years. One important area is the control systems. The new control type quick change – Kesla Quick – allows flexible use of the crane among operators who are accustomed to different control types. In a field where there is high demand for skilled workers, a crane that is not tied to a single control method is a clear advantage.

Ari Pirhonen, Kesla's truck and industrial cranes business director, said: “Usually, operators are clearly inclined to a specific control type. With the new system, new operators can always be offered their preferred control type.”