A milestone in forest machine technology, John Deere’s Intelligent Boom Control (IBC) is available for all John Deere wheeled cut-to-length forest machines. Now, a new IBC 3.0 version enables the rollout of smart functions to improve operator work and productivity. 

IBC 3.0 includes a number of operator-assist features, such as harvester head over-rotation prevention and protection against hose damage.

The feed function significantly slows down when feeding stems towards the machine and stops when encountering a defined safety zone. A pop-up window appearing on the control system display provides guidance on the correct work method. Sawing assistant helps to prevent sawing towards the cabin.

All features enable the operator to focus on work planning, protect the machine from external damage, lower maintenance costs and improve the resale value.

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John Deere Forestry says a boom equipped with the IBC is fast, easy to use and precise. Sensors in the IBC detect the position of the harvester head and the algorithms adjust the boom’s trajectories into one easily controlled motion.

In harvester work, IBC adjusts to the machine’s work cycle. The trajectory and function of the boom automatically adjust as the boom is taken to a tree and to the load in the harvester head. The operator doesn’t have to manoeuvre the different sections of the boom individually.

IBC 3.0 is available for the 1270G (H424, H425 and H425HD) and 1470G (H425 and H425HD) harvester models.