STIHL has upgraded its petrol pole pruner range with the introduction of the new HT 105 and HT 135, providing professional users with greater durability and efficiency.

Ideal for de-limbing tree branches, removing dead wood and general maintenance, the new HT 105 and 135 long-reach pole pruners replace the popular HT 103, 131 and 133 models, and feature a series of upgrades to improve the user experience.

Highly ergonomic and well balanced due to the weight of the square-cut telescopic shaft, the new models feature a robust square telescopic drive tube with a simple length-adjustment mechanism, allowing users to adjust the pole length from 270–390 cm quickly and easily. In addition, both the HT 105 and 135 feature a light-weight magnesium gearbox and a rigid branch hook that is a part of the magnesium housing, offering improved usability and product longevity.

Both models utilise a powerful, high-torque 4-MIX engine, which not only offers an excellent power-to-weight ratio but also delivers a power output of 1.05 kW (HT 105) and 1.4 kW (HT 135) respectively.