A LEADING forestry firm has unveiled new packaging which is made from 30 per cent recycled material. 

Södra's Loop packaging, specifically made for the industry, also boasts a 23 per cent lower carbon footprint compared to its other products. 

Coming as a result of a partnership between the Swedish group and Trioworld, it has been hailed as a step towards a "sustainable climate transition". 

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Andreas Jonasson, sales & marketing Director at Södra Wood, said: "With the new packaging, we ensure high quality to our customers and at the same time take a new step towards a more circular business with lower emissions.

"This is a development we will continue to drive forward. On the challenges with sustainability, there is no finish line to pass and we are constantly working to be the market leader and develop our processes.

"The Trioworld Loop packaging helps Södra and our customers to contribute to a sustainable climate transition." 

Forestry Journal:

Södra is a forest industry group that processes the forest products delivered by its 53,000 owners into renewable, climate-smart products for international export.