THE first of more than 10,000 new trees has been planted by the mayor of Bedford Borough Council. 

Dave Hodgson was on hand this week to mark the start of the scheme, which will see trees planted in Bedford Park, Addison-Howard Park and on-street across Bedfordshire. 

It comes after the council won cash through the Urban Tree Challenge Fund and as part of the local authority's bid to be a net zero carbon council by 2030. 

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Mayor Hodgson said “It is vital that we plant more trees which are an important part in helping tackle climate change and reach our commitment to be a net zero carbon council by 2030.

"Trees are not just beautiful to look at but create a home for local wildlife, and are good for our health and wellbeing."

In addition to the usual planting programme, there are lots of projects to celebrate the Queen’s Green Canopy taking place in the area, including the planting of at least one tree in every ward in the borough. 

The council will be planting trees across the Borough in partnership with volunteer groups, residents, charities, the Forestry Commission and the Forest of Marston Vale.