HALF of all truck cranes sent to the Nordics by a Finnish firm have electric controls. 

That's according to Joensuu-based Kesla, which is now offering the tools for high seat equipment as well as cabin cranes. 

Allowing for for two control types - two maxi joysticks or two maxi joysticks with two pedals - the tech is inspired by the Finns' electric KESLA proC control system and only features controllers with a high IP rating.

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The high seat equipment has been modified to pair up perfectly with the electric control technology, also including practical improvements, such as the new steps and stylish black colour.

Until now, high seat equipment’s control system has always been mechanical.

With the long-awaited electric control system, operators of top seat equipment now have the opportunity to enjoy the comfort and ergonomics of a system with light inputs that can be adjusted accurately and, if necessary, even saved operator-specifically