A 'FIRST of its kind' woodchipper that recently arrived in the UK has been named in a fitting tribute to a late forestry figure. 

The Greentec 962 track with side infeed was purchased by RG Blake Forestry, based in England, shortly after being unveiled by the Dutch giants.

With a John Deere engine, five rollers, a splitter, and a dozer blade, the machine has been hailed as taking the brand to the "next level" and joins the firm's growing line-up of products. 

Forestry Journal:

Fittingly, it will be a lasting tribute to Geoff Blakey after his son Richard decided to name his new woodchipper in honour of his dad, who recently passed away. Geoff was key to RG Blakey's success over the years and had been involved in the industry for around six decades, having set up Blakey Bros with his brother John in 1960 when he was just 18. 

In a post on distributor Ufkes Greentec UK's social media, bosses wrote: "Well here’s another first for Ufkes Greentec UK, this 962 track with side feed, crane, splitter and dozer blade option arrived this week, and what a machine it is. 

"Ufkes Greentec Bv have certainly taken this build to the next level. It looks brilliant. 

"Richard has been with us all the way and in fact he was the first customer we took to the factory and there’s only one other machine like this and it is based in Holland and it was this concept Richard could see working for him. 

Forestry Journal:

"Richard and his late father Geoff had discussed this build and gone through what they needed to proceed in the industry and entrusted us to bring this to fruition. 

"The chipper is to be named Geoff as a tribute to Richard's father, a gentleman that always got the job done without a fuss and we’re confident this 962 will do just that." 

For more about the Greentec 962, visit greentecuk.co.uk