FOR a harvester operator, an easily controlled crane is important for ensuring a productive working day. That’s why Komatsu Forest’s new Smart Crane has put “ease of use” at the heart of its design. 

Recently unveiled, the latest machine from the Swedish manufacturer is operated with a single lever movement, from the main boom all the way to the tip of the telescopic arm. 

The result, chiefs at the firm say, is a faster and more precise crane operation as well as a more relaxed and efficient worker. Komatsu’s bosses say this will cause less physical strain and lead to higher productivity. 

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Tobias Ettemo, product manager for harvesters at Komatsu Forest, said: “The experience from operators who have tried Smart Crane is that it significantly reduces vibrations from the crane, something that also contributes to better operator ergonomics.

“Another advantage of the simplified crane control is that it is easier for an inexperienced operator to quickly hone their crane-operation skills.” 

Building on Komatsu’s nearly 100-year history, the Smart Crane can be easily steered to where the operator wants to head in smooth, precise movements, contributing to a more relaxed way of working.

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The automatic control of the telescopic arm makes it even easier to guide the crane exactly where you want it, bosses say.

Tobias added: “These are advantages that will be seen in both profitability and the operator’s wellbeing.”