FOR nearly 30 years, one firm’s mobile sawmills have been the bedrock of forestry work in yards, woodland, and rural spaces.  

Now, the manufacturer is back with its next-generation machine – and has promised to deliver the best results yet. 

Norwood Sawmills’ new LumberPro HD36v2, the largest of its latest line-up, builds on its predecessor’s success by delivering high performance and output for those looking to mill logs up to 36 inches in diameter. Launched this autumn onto the UK market, it surpasses the HD36’s cut limit and comes complete with a new log deck. 

Forestry Journal:

And like its elder sibling, the HD36v2 follows a long line of sawmills that have stood the test of time, with some of the original 1993 range still running to this day. 

Andy Dudley, technical sales consultant at distributor Global Recycling Solutions, said: “Customers have been impressed with the HD36v2. The mills come with complete concise build instructions, but we’re always at the end of the phone if the customer has any queries when assembling the mill. The HD36v2 is very accurate when milling and can even produce a 3 mm veneer.”

What makes this model different from its predecessor? From a functional perspective, the wider throat allows you to make a 30-inch cut versus the HD36’s 28-inch limit. From a structural perspective, the HD36v2 log deck is completely new. A patented design, Norwood’s proprietary Duradeck system is constructed of twin-laminated, roll-formed, high-strength steel rails with vertically installed steel plate track. Debossed steel is much stronger and more rigid than flat, unformed steel. Combined with the boxed front and rear-end frames, this log deck gives you greater strength, stiffness, lighter weight, and ultimately greater structural integrity.

Forestry Journal:

As the overall dimensions of both log decks are identical, all existing log-deck mounted HD36 attachments are compatible with HD36v2, making this sawmill ideal for those looking to upgrade. 

The HD36v2 accepts all the same manual, hydraulic and power attachments as its predecessor, the HD36. This ensures the spirit of Norwood’s build-as-you-grow philosophy is kept alive. The HD36v2 is fully customizable which means features and attachments can be added at your pace and as your sawing needs evolve. 

The HD36v2 features a bold new guard design that incorporates steel blade deflection shield inserts and an integrated dust extraction-compatible sawdust exhaust port; the vacuum hose compatible port is a handy feature, especially if you are operating indoors.

Forestry Journal:

Every Norwood is quality built in the USA and Canada. They are designed, and built, to mill millions of board feet reliably and smoothly. Original Norwood mills from 1993 are still running strong today. 

Andy added: “Wear parts are kept on the shelf at Global for the mills, ensuring downtime can be kept to a minimum.”