CARR’S Billington Safety is now offering its customers Jameson tree-trimming pole kits as part of its ongoing commitment to providing quality equipment for professional arborists, landscapers and telecommunication line workers.

Jameson made its first fibreglass pole in 1956 and is popular in the arboriculture and telecommunication sectors. With an extensive line of poles in the range, there’s one suitable for every job, from landscaping and professional tree care to line clearance and ariel construction.

Forestry Journal:

Carr’s Billington Safety has 10 complete kits available, comprising poles and accessories, detailed below, for retailers to choose from helping to reduce the amount of SKUs held and simplifying the ordering process.

There are three categories that the Jameson kits fall into:

JE Series – suitable for telecommunication, line clearance, arborist and landscape professionals. Non-conductive composite ferrules enhance dielectric strength from top-to-bottom, improving user safety while performing tree trimming and line-clearance around overhead utility lines. Each pole is individually tested to 100 kV/foot for 5 minutes. The foam core protects against moisture and debris.

BL Series – suitable for arborists these poles are batch tested to 100 kV/foot for 5 minutes, highly durable and lightweight.

LS Series – these poles haven’t been dielectric tested and are suitable for light-duty landscaping by professionals and homeowners.

More information on the Jameson offering can be found on the Carr’s Billington Safety website.