ISOTUNES, a specialist in Bluetooth hearing protection new to the UK, has announced an expansion of its range.

ISOtunes Pro and Link Aware utilise level-dependent Aware technology to give users complete situational awareness and protection at the same time.

Available in an in-ear (Pro Aware) and over-ear model (Link Aware), the products use omni-directional microphones that allow users to safely listen to the world around them – such as their colleagues, warning signals and more – while also blocking out harmful levels of sound.

Each model features high-fidelity speakers that enhance the natural sounds around you and custom-engineered digital signal processing for precise impulse filtration that reduces harmful sounds in less than two milliseconds. 

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ISOtunes describes the technology as perfect for workers who need to hear their colleagues or equipment, but still need protection from loud impulse noises like power tools.

Eric Murphy, co-founder of ISOtunes, said: “At its core, ISOtunes is about innovation.

"This is the first time this combination of technologies has been integrated into hearing protection products. Our hearing protection solutions must continue to exceed expectations when it comes to keeping users protected and connected, and we believe Link Aware and Pro Aware rise to those expectations.”