NEW crawler excavators designed for loads ranging from 14 to 25 tonnes and built to be Stage V compliant have been unveiled by Doosan. 

The DX140LC-7 14.6–tonne, DX140LCR-7 15.6–tonne, DX235LCR-7 and DX255LC-7 23–25 tonnes are among those joining the firm’s line-up and all include enhanced fuel efficient engines and a ‘state-of-the-art’ wireless fleet–monitoring system. 

With their introduction and the earlier unveiling of seven further machines, Doosan has now completed the launch of the company’s medium-sized DX-7 range of Stage V crawler and wheeled excavator models from 14 to 25 tonne. 

Forestry Journal:

Each of the new models – which also include the DX160HT-7 17–tonne and the DX235LC-7 23.3–tonne  – comes complete with SPC3 generation Smart Power Controls, providing increased fuel saving. 

There are four power modes now available on the excavators, which help to simplify the operation, Doosan say, compared to the more complex choice of eight power modes on previous models. 

Inside the cab, each of the DX-7s features an 8-inch Doosan Smart Touch screen, keyless start, fully adjustable air suspension, and high–quality controls. 

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There is a new Tiltrotator Mode on the control panel, which can be selected to ensure an optimised hydraulic flow and helps to maximise the accuracy of tiltrotator work by eliminating back pressure. 

Another standard new feature is the Fine Swing function, which minimises the shaking that a lifted object undergoes at the start or stop of a swing movement with the excavator to increase the safety of nearby workers and to prevent damage caused by the object falling from the excavator. 

Forestry Journal:

All models are factory-installed as standard with Doosan’s DoosanCONNECT wireless fleet–monitoring system. The DoosanCONNECT system offers a web-based fleet–management solution, which is very useful for monitoring the performance and security of machines and promoting preventative maintenance.

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With the larger-sized models being powered by the latest generation of Doosan’s DL06V six-cylinder diesel engines, providing power outputs of 129 kW (173 hp) at 1,800 rpm, 141 kW (189 hp) at 1,900 rpm and 141 kW (189 hp) at 1,900 rpm in the DX235LC-7, DX235LCR-7 and DX255LC-7, respectively, they all exceed Stage V regulations without exhaust gas recirculation (EGR). 

Forestry Journal:

The medium-sized models feature the Doosan D34 4-cylinder Stage V diesel engine providing 86 kW (115 hp) of power at 2,000 rpm. 

As well as the crawler excavators, the firm has launched four wheeled excavators. The DX165WR-7 17 tonne, and DX170W-7, DX190W-7 and DX210W-7 18–22 tonne all also meet Stage V compliance and are packed with the same features. 

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