A FORESTRY worker has died after she was crushed by a tree during felling work in England. 

Authorities have confirmed the woman lost her life in an incident in Kent last month. No further details have been released and it's understood a full investigation is underway into the circumstances. 

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It comes shortly after we told that a total of eight people had lost their lives after being crushed by trees in the UK last year

Health and Safety Executive chiefs have urged anyone involved in felling work to take the proper precautions. 

These include: 

  • Anyone involved in tree work, including felling, must be trained and competent for the task being done. Keep other people well away from work areas.
  • Tree work must be planned and supervised. Check trees for signs of decay and other factors that may affect felling or the work to be done. Where necessary set up exclusion zones.

  • Select suitable equipment. Mechanised means of felling, eg harvesters, grapple saws and tree shears, should be considered and used where appropriate.
  • Look out for dead wood, insecure/unstable branches, and broken tops in the tree to be cut, and in adjacent trees.
  • During felling, keep other people more than two tree lengths away.
  • Keep the escape route and work area, clear of obstructions.
  • Emergency arrangements should include first aid provision and ability to quickly contact emergency services.