FELLING applications in the aftermath of Storm Arwen are being processed 'considerably quicker than normal'. 

Scottish Forestry chiefs are fast-tracking permissions linked to clearing up the damage left by the 100 mph winds, which are believed to have blown over around 20 per cent of the country's annual timber harvest in late November. 

Around 238 applications have been received so far and 155 approved to date. It would normally take up to six weeks to process a Felling Permission, but these are being turned around in about 10 days.

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The revelation comes amid praise from Environment Minister Màiri McAllan of the sector's collaborative approach to dealing with Storm Arwen's devastation. 

Ms McAllan said: “Storm Arwen might have happened last year but its effects will be felt by many for some time to come.

“I am impressed how the major players in the forestry sector are working together in such a collaborative way.

"This co-ordination of action is needed and I would like to thank the industry for their pragmatic way of dealing with the storm’s aftermath." 

As we have tod previously, industry figures have warned the value of windblown timber will quickly deteriorate unless it can be felled "as soon as possible". 

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Andy Leitch, deputy chief executive of Confor, which represents the forestry and wood-using industry, said last year: "The industry will have to get together, along with the public sector, to ensure we can get this material felled quickly and safely. 

"Otherwise it will deteriorate and we will lose a fair bit of that wood."