AROUND 10 per cent of woodland torn down by Storm Arwen is believed to have taken the brunt of more devastating weather last weekend. 

Forestry chiefs say storms Malik and Corrie, which hit the UK with winds of up to 85 mph and cost at least two people their lives, caused more damage to parts of the country still picking up the pieces from November's gales. 

While work is ongoing to determine the full extent of the destruction Arwen wreaked, estimates suggest around 20 per cent of Scotland's annual timber harvest and thousands of hectares of woodland were affected. 

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Now, industry figures suggest as much as 10 per cent of the previously hit spots were dealt a fresh blow between Saturday and Sunday, with initial reports also claiming there was windblow damage in woodlands that escaped Arwen's wrath. 

Forestry Journal: The Arwen clean-up operation is still underway The Arwen clean-up operation is still underway

Andy Leitch, deputy chief executive of Confor, said: "Woodland owners are still assessing the combined additional impact of the two following storms. Initial feedback suggests the equivalent of another 10 per cent of the area brought down by Storm Arwen has been affected.

"Much of this is an extension to the existing damaged area, but there have been reports of windblow in new woodlands. We will know more in the coming days and weeks.

"In the meantime, Confor continues to work collaboratively with the public sector and the wood supply chain to ensure the windblown timber is dealt with safely and effectively."

As we have told previously, the clean-up operation after Arwen's destruction is still ongoing across the UK. Government ministers have warned that storm - with winds of 100 mph - caused damage to the nation's woodlands that will take centuries to recover from

A new mapping tool was earlier unveiled to make it easier for landowners to report damage from the storm and it is due to be used for Malik and Corrie. 

Forestry Journal: Storm Malik hit more trees across the UK Storm Malik hit more trees across the UK

Asked earlier this week about the aftermath this time around, a Scottish Forestry spokesperson said: “It is too early to tell what the full impact the weekend storms have had on woodlands and forests.

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“However, we do anticipate further windthrow damage, particularly to trees already weakened and vulnerable as a result of Storm Arwen.

“We will be working closely with the forestry sector to assess the impact of storms Malik and Corrie.”