JUNE 2-4 will finally see the return of the world’s leading forestry fair, Elmia Wood, once again be held south of Jönköping, Sweden.

Elmia is looking forward to welcoming exhibitors and visitors from across Europe to experience the event, which will focus on innovative and sustainable forestry methods for the future.

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The fair will again be held in the versatile forest of Bratteborg, south of Jönköping in Sweden. Elmia Wood is an extensive fair and meeting place for forest owners, contractors, administrators and everyone interested in the forestry sector.

Forestry Journal:

Visitors can learn about the latest products, discover innovations and gain new knowledge, and create opportunities for new business deals.

Organiser Anders Roman said: ”We are facing complex challenges involving forest damage and bark beetles, plus an increased need for felling, while at the same time many people are promoting standing timber as a carbon sink. As a result, many forest owners today are left wondering how they should manage their forests in the future.

”Recently there has been a strong debate on the value of the forest and how it should be managed and cared for, and we can clearly see that all the various forest stakeholders are in need of a meeting place. That’s why we’re also hosting on-stage discussions and panel debates.”

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The topics will include the EU’s taxonomy, the climate, biodiversity and fossil-free forest management. A moderator and various guests will hold on-stage debates that visitors can take part in.

Anders added: ”We’re working intensively with the fair right now and are really looking forward to hosting Elmia Wood 2022, which will bring the products and know-how together in one place."

Tickets will soon be available at the Elmia Wood website www.elmia.se/wood/