AMATEUR tree surgeons could put themselves or others at risk by felling storm-damaged trees, authorities have said. 

Health and Safety Executive (HSE) chiefs have warned 'cowboy' arborists from attempting emergency work in the wake of Dudley, Eunice and Franklin, which hit parts of the UK with gale force winds last week. 

At least four people lost their lives in the storms and countless trees were torn down across the country. 

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Arboriculture lead at HSE Christopher Maher said: “While fallen trees due to adverse weather conditions can cause lots of disruption, as a result, it can be tempting to carry out emergency tree work.

"We want to warn people against attempting this high-risk activity. Get in professional help.

“Fallen trees can be unstable and weigh a significant amount, with inadvertent movement during clearance activities having fatal results. 

"There are also high risks associated with the use of chainsaws and mechanised methods (the law requires a consideration of this) of removal, such as grapple saws and tree shears, are preferred.

“Please seek the services of a professional with the right training and experience to can manage the risks associated with this type of work."

As we have told previously, HSE chiefs believe around eight people lost their lives due to falling trees or branches in the UK last year. 

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It's why government officials are urging people to call on highly-trained professional tree surgeons, who have been praised for their efforts in clearing-up the recent storms. 

Forestry Journal:

John Parker, chief executive officer of the Arboricultural Association, said: "This weekend many skilled, hardworking arborists will be out in sometimes dangerous conditions to help clear up damage left by Storm Eunice.

"The Arboricultural Association would like to acknowledge the efforts of these professionals who help keep the country safe and moving."