FURTHER findings of a new tree disease have been made in the south west of England amid a probe into a suspected discovery more than 150 miles away. 

Forestry Commission chiefs have said demarcated areas in Cornwall and Devon will be extended after confirmation of Phytophthora pluvialis' spread in the counties. 

At the same time, FC officials are investigating a possible first case of the pathogen in a Surrey woodlands and have set up a new demarcated area in Herefordshire following a further Welsh find. It's hoped the latter will stop P. Pluvialis from spreading across the border into England. 

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Nicola Spence, the UK chief plant health officer, said: “We are taking robust and swift action against the findings of Phytophthora pluvialis at these sites, as part of our well-established biosecurity protocol for tree pests and diseases.

Forestry Journal: Nicola Spence Nicola Spence 

“I urge all sectors to support efforts to tackle this pathogen by checking the health of western hemlock and Douglas-fir trees. 

"Key symptoms to look out for are lesions on the stem, branch or roots. Any sightings should be reported to the Forestry Commission via its TreeAlert online portal.”

The introduction and extensions of demarcated areas help to prevent the accidental movement of tree pathogens.

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Additional restrictions requiring pre-notification of felling of susceptible material within demarcated areas were introduced in December 2021 and continue to apply to all demarcated areas.

Forestry Journal: The new demarcated area in Devon and Cornwall The new demarcated area in Devon and Cornwall

Coming shortly after P. Pluvialis was confirmed for the first time to cause resinous cankers on western hemlock, the notices for introducing the demarcated area in Herefordshire, and extending the demarcated areas in Devon and Cornwall, will come into effect next Friday.