WITH a strong chassis, 190 hp engine and a more features than ever before, Nisula is back with a new thinning harvester and it’s already turning heads. 

The N6, the latest in the Finnish firm’s N Series, might look like the previous N5 but that’s where the similarities end. Redesigned from the ground up to better meet the needs of foresters, it features a fresh cabin look, new frame, higher ground clearance and more engine power.

That’s all thanks to two and a half years of input from users of previous models, who worked closely with Nisula to come up with the final blueprint. 

Forestry Journal:

Improving the productivity of the operator, according to Nisula, the new cabin’s large windows give good visibility around the machine and up toward the treetops.

The transmission is a hydrostatic-mechanical power transmission with differential locks. With an optional roadworthiness add-on, the harvester can be moved between sites by driving.

A Stage V, Agco Power 49LFTN, with a power output od 140 kW or 190 hp, the engine also has torque of up to 800 Nm. The combination of good fuel economy and fuel tank size gives a runtime of about 35 hours.

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The hydraulic pump is a Kawasaki 140cc axial piston pump that delivers a operating pressure of 230 bar. The oil tank holds 200 litres.
Nisula offers three different options of harvester heads from their own range: 555H, 500H, and 335E.

A Nisula spokesperson said: “After more than a decade on the market, the Nisula N-series thinning harvester has been fully redesigned to better meet the needs of thinning. 

“The guiding principle of the new design was to develop a thinning harvester that is as practical as possible and complementary to mainstream harvesters. The new N6 is highly suited for thinnings. 

Forestry Journal:

“The ground pressure of the six-wheel half-track is sufficiently low to allow it to also be used in the summer. Based on feedback, many forest owners have found Nisula’s six-wheel thinning harvester ideal in peaty terrain conditions, even in the summer.”