FOUR new models have been added to FAE’s line of forestry mulchers with Sonic technology for excavators. 

The addition of the BL2/EX/SONIC, UML/HY/SONIC, UMM/EX/SONIC and UMM/EX/HP/SONIC brings the total to nine models for excavators ranging from 8 to 36 tonnes.

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FAE’s exclusive Sonic system ensures the operating carrier and FAE mulcher are completely aligned by automatically calibrating the mulcher’s parameters. The system continuously manages the mulcher’s hydraulic settings for a significant boost in overall productivity of up to 30 per cent.

Forestry Journal:

The Sonic system also minimises rotor stalling and shortens recovery time thanks to the quick recovery of the rotor’s rpm.

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FAE’s Sonic technology comes standard on the UML/SSL/SONIC forestry mulcher for skid steers. It is also available for the FAE PT-175 tracked carrier equipped with the FAE 140/U forestry mulcher and on the PT-300 with the 200/U or 300/U forestry mulchers.

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